A Few Goose Related Tips & Facts

GOOSE MEAT | Fresh free-range geese are available direct from the farmgate or from a high class butcher or poulterer, and from food halls and supermarkets. They are also sold increasingly through mail order and the internet.

GOOSE MEAT | Fresh geese can be bought from Michaelmas in late September to December. They should be ordered well in advance for Christmas.

GOOSE EGGS | Physically bigger, with typically a larger proportion of yolk, goose eggs aren’t that different from chicken eggs.

GOOSE MEAT | Geese are sold oven-ready, which includes the weight of the giblets. Oven-ready weights range from 4.3kg/9.5lb to 6.35kg/14lb and long-legged from 5.40kg/12lb to 9kg/20lb. Allow approximately 1lb-1.5lb per person.

GOOSE MEAT & FAT | At home remove the giblets and store them, and the goose, separately in the refrigerator. Check the weight of the giblets and fat before stuffing the goose. This will give the correct weight and you can work out how much cooking time is needed.

GOOSE EGGS | Goose egg yolks are also usually richer with a vibrant yellow more flavoursome yolk.

GOOSE FAT | Nutritional analysis shows goose fat contains a relatively low proportion of the undesirable saturated fats and a higher proportion of the healthier mono- or poly-unsaturated fats and essential fatty acids.

GOOSE FAT | Goose fat drained from the goose is ideal for cooking roast potatoes, roast vegetables and Yorkshire puddings.

GOOSE FAT | The pure fat which is found in the body cavity and removed before cooking can be melted, allowed to set and then frozen – it makes excellent pastry. This goose dripping is also delicious as a snack on toast.

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