Serving Our Members

British Goose Producers is a sector group of the British Poultry Council (BPC) serving interests of goose producers and providing information for retailers and consumers.

The group was founded as the British Goose Producers (BGP) in 1983 when the late John Adlard brought together producers at a time when availability of traditional geese for Christmas was threatened by dwindling supplies.

Today fresh goose is readily available from butchers, farm shops and mail order with established producers expanding and newcomers starting up as demand increases.

Gateway for Advice

Many of today’s successful producers began their own operations on a very small scale and the BGP is an effective gateway for help and advice.

Members of the BGP attend meetings, seminars and farm walks, and gain access to useful facts about starting up in goose production, sourcing goslings and marketing oven-ready product.

Wider Benefits of BPC

British Goose Sector Group members enjoy the wider benefits of membership of the BPC.

This represents the interests of UK companies in the poultry meat industry involved in all aspects of production from primary breeding through hatching, rearing, slaughter and production, to companies in further processing, packing and wholesale.

Membership comprises of more than 70 companies and individual producers, with the industry providing employment for some 50,000 people.

Keeping Up with Legislation

Belonging to the BPC ensures our members are kept up-to-date with the latest EU and UK legislation, regulations, codes of practice and guidance covering topics such as animal health and welfare, food safety, marketing and environmental protection.

The BPC also belongs to a number of Europe-wide bodies representing the poultry industry and has a representative office in Brussels.