Analysis of nutritional value of goose meat according to McCance and Widdowson’s Composition of Foods – 4th revised edition.

Roast goose meat (no skin) has the following composition per 100g:

319 kcal (1327 kj)
29.3g protein
22.4g fat
0g carbohydrates

The US Department of Agriculture Handbook No 8-5 Composition of Foods gives these figures per 100g of goose flesh:

238 kcal
29g protein
12.7.4g fat

The naturally-reared, quality Christmas choice

Higher total fat content than chicken or turkey, but less than beef or lamb

Lower fat content than book values

Relatively low proportion of saturated fat, and higher proportion of mono-unsaturated and essential fatty acid

Research by ADAS

ADAS the leading consultancy to UK agriculture and food production industries has reinforced the reputation of goose as a naturally reared, quality food product. The independent study commissioned by the BGP has revealed that the real fat content of goose meat today is much lower than the figures quoted in nutritional textbooks.

The study discovered that textbooks rely on old data that may no longer reflect modern strains of geese and recommended cooking techniques. Rearing and feeding regimes can also influence the amount of fat. The study showed that today’s goose has a lower fat content than lamb and beef – and that the fat contains a relatively low proportion of undesirable saturated fats and a higher proportion of the more desirable mono-unsaturated and essential fatty acids.

Both raw and cooked meat were analysed separately from the skin and found there was little difference in fat content or fatty acid profile between the golden and white geese.

Goose is also in a strong position over its main rivals for the Christmas dinner table. Although the fat content of goose is higher than chicken or turkey, this is necessarily not a bad thing. Some fat in meais desirable to allow us to appreciate its flavour as well as helping to maintain its succulence.

Our Analysis of the Fat Content of Raw Goose

Compares Well With Other Raw Meats

Results – Fat Content

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